Predator Hunting Solutions


 Predator hunting is a fast growing sport.  Unfortunately it is not as easy as simply setting down a caller and having predators show up.  At Predator Technology Group we have team members who have honed their predator hunting skills and want to share that knowledge with our customers.  From tips to tactics to gear our team can help with your predator hunting problems.  We offer a full line up of AR-15 style firearms in a variety of calibers suited to hunters.  Not sure of what you want or need in a rifle?  Let our staff help guide you through the process of building your custom hunting rifle.  We start with our base model, 16in, 5.56mm, billet flat top carbine which starts at $849.99 and we customize from there.  Want a different caliber?  We offer 17remington, 204ruger and 6.5grendel calibers in stainless steel options.  We will build the rifle to your specific needs and your budget.  We offer a variety of parts including hand guards, muzzle devices, optics and mounts that can be used to customize your rifle to your specifications.  Just send us an email and let us get a quote started for you today.


Here is some video that we shot of the group hunting grey fox in Arizona.  This grey was taken with our 17rem AR-15 from 30 yards. We will post videos like this in order to help enhance our fellow hunters experiences. If you have questions please feel free to go to our contact page and drop us a line.  We are hunters just like you and we like to help when we can.