Our Mission

  Predator Technology Group came together to solve problems that we encountered in our daily lives.  We decided to bring this same mindset to our customers' problems.  We bring together experts in manufacturing, technology and training in a combined effort to find solutions.  We are currently applying our efforts towards the shooting and predator hunting markets as these are a couple of our team's shared passions.  We offer a number of customizable AR-15 based rifle platforms.  We will work with you and your specific needs to tailor your rifle to what you need it to do.  Long range precision rifle shooting is a bit different than a predator rifle and could be different from a tactical rifle configuration.


We start with our base model rifle and our team will "build" your rifle with your needs in mind.  We currently offer rifles in the .17Remington, .204Ruger, 5.56mm/.223Remington and the 6.5mm Grendel calibers.  Our "base model" rifle includes our billet upper and lower receivers, a low profile gas block, a free floating hand guard, and a collapsible butt stock.  From there we will help you "spec" out your rifle to fit your needs.  We offer a variety of trigger options, grips even optics and mounts.  Our staff will be more than happy to talk with you and help you in making the best choices for your situation.  Send us an email and let us get started in helping you to solve your problems.


Our Team
We have brought together a variety of individuals who share common passions.  These are all experts in their respective fields who collaborate on problems to help find solutions.  We have experts in fields such as technology, engineering, and the repair industries.  We are also hunters and shooters, out door enthusiasts, off roaders and much more.  We like to blend our professional expertise with our shared passions and see what comes out of the mix.

We are a licensed FFL and manufacturer.