We also offer reconfiguration services.  We find that many people have purchased AR-15's "off the shelf" and are finding that the rifle will not perform the way they need it to.  If you find yourself in this situation don't despair.  It is not too late.  Give us a call or email us and let us help you reconfigure your rifle into the kind of rifle that you wanted when you bought it. This rifle was originally purchased at a major retailer but didn't meet the customer's expectations.  We were able to reconfigure it by floating the hand guard, changing the muzzle brake, installing a new trigger and flip up sights.

   Precision Shooting Solutions

We don't just build hunting rifles.  From 40-1000 yards our team members can help with your precision shooting needs.  We have shooters that compete in different disciplines that have years of experience and can help guide you in your quest for accuracy at great distances.  Again we start with our base model rifle and will build to your specifications.  Our staff will help you every step of the way you just tell us what your specific needs are.  Send us an email with your specifications and let us get a quote started.