This rifle started with the Average Joe platform but was then upgraded with a 18in stainless steel 204 Ruger barrel, custom Cerakote coating in flat dark earth color, MagPul collapsible stock and Hogue overmolded rubber grip in flat dark earth color.  This rifle was configured for fur harvesting. 

This rifle started out life on our billet receivers. It was purposefully built to suit the user. Components used include a 15 inch carbon handguard, Magpul AFG, Hogue over-molded grip, and LimbSaver stock. 

Below is an ever-growing gallery of some of our builds we have done for our customers. 

The "Average Joe". Equipped with a 16 inch 5.56mm Mid-Gas 4150 barrel, 12 inch Free-Floating Hand Guard, Forged 7075 receivers, LimbSaver 10 position stock, and a short competition muzzle brake.  This rifle would make a good all-purpose shooter. We spec this as our entry level platform. Compared to other offerings out there on the market, it is anything but. We wanted to give our customers the maximum amount of quality and value for their investment.

Where to Start?

Unlike some websites, we do not have an online store.  Before you jump away, let us explain.  We don't want our customers to go and buy something that they might not need and be disappointed in their purchase.  Please fill out the contact form and let our experts help you with our experiences and our training.  We love to help people fully realize the abilities in their firearms and we want to help with that.

First off, don't feel too bad about not knowing where to start.  This is a question we hear a lot so you are not alone.  That is why we have staff members that can help guide you through the process.The first question that we will need you to answer for us is, what will you be primarily using the rifle for?  A rifle built for sport shooting will not necessarily allow a shooter to range out to 1000 yards.  We really need to help understand your needs in order to build you a proper rifle or outfit your existing platform. 

Will you be using the rifle to primarily hunt, using it for precision shooting or mainly as a recreational shooter?  It can be frustrating for a customer to buy a rifle with a certain use in mind only to find out that the rifle doesn't perform that function well.  We will recommend a caliber that we feel will best fit your shooting style and needs.  We work a lot with the 17 Remington and 204 Ruger for fur hunters, the 6.5 Grendel for longer range shooters and the 5.56mm/223 Remington for a good all around, recreational shooter.

Next we will discuss the configuration that we think will best fit your needs.  We will discuss the pros and cons of a rifle vs. carbine platform, forged vs. billet receivers, barrel length and material, hand guard selection, triggers, butt stocks and optic choices.  We start with our basic, Average Joe platform in mind, a 16in, 5.56mm, flat top platform with a collapsible butt stock, and we modify it from there to meet your needs.

We will explain to you what you can and cannot expect from your rifle build.  Every rifle build performs differently.  You need to know how yours will perform.

Once we get your build laid out, then we will help you to find a FFL dealer in your area that we can ship your firearm to in order for you to take possession of it.  Firearms cannot be shipped directly to you due to Federal Firearms Laws, but taking possession of one is not a very hard process.

We also offer FFL transfer services for our local clients.  So if you order a firearm that we do not offer and you would like us to handle the transfer, just fill out the contact form and we will be in touch.